welcome dear friend

I am so excited that you found me!  I love to share my passions & projects with other souls, & this is where I try to do that.  For quite some time I have tried to figure out a way to bring together the many directions that my life & art take.  I will be updating this main page over the next week in order to tell you more about myself & what you can expect here in the future.

tidbits & scraps

So far this has been my main platform for sharing & discussing my art & my life.  It will now focus mostly on art, crafts, projects, DIYs, & related inspiration that I want to share with the world. I have learned to say out loud that I do have talent.  No one has the same talents or levels of those talents.  What I have, I will share openly.  I hope that you will share too, both your talents & your comments on mine.

something to eat

This is my calling.  The way I put my art into helping others.  As of October 2017 I have applied for and been accepted into the training course for instructors of Soul Restoration through the Brave Girls Club.  This course has changed my life and the life of probably millions of others around the world.  And I get to teach it!!  Once I have completed the training in Idaho I will be offering workshops and retreats in the Rochester, NY area.  If you would like to know when a schedule becomes available follow my blog.  I will post it here first.  Until then I hope to be an inspiration to all I come in contact with, a blessing to my family, and a messenger for God.