so, im frustrated.  I am trying to find somewhere to stay in NYC that isnt going to kill our wedding budget.  We are thinking of eloping to NYC.  Obviously this isnt a suprise event.  our families know and encourage it.  we have been wanting to go to NYC for a while know and so maybe we can kill 2 birds with one stone?  any thoughts?  help.


  1. That was weird the http:// added itself after I posted.
    Oh, well it works. First the arms will come up and it well change after it loads all the way and you can get to the rates and looking at the rooms. Have a Blessed Time!!!


  2. I don’t know what you can afford and I haven’t stayed at the but it’s an artsy place. My dd wants to stay there when she goes to NY. I haven’t been
    to NY either. Each room is painted differently. You can look it up online I didn’t put the http:// in there because I dont’ think it will work in comments anyway. Maybe someone who has been to NY can give you more ideas.

    Have a Blessed Creative Healthy Fun Year!!!
    God Bless!!!


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