More Spring Break

We have also been now to the Sandbox Playground in Fairport NY.  This place is great.  They have all the toys that are too big to have at your own house.  Even Rebekah enjoyed herself!

Then we went to Lollypop Farm Humane Society in Fairport.  He loves to look at the dogs and cats and bunnies, etc.  My family has always gotten our pets from lollypop…5 dogs and 2 cats total.

Then we went to Mud About You in Penfield.  This is one of those paint your own ceramics places.  I have taken Timothy to another one (Color Me Mine) for his last 2 birthdays.  This time we tried this new one and we won’t go anywhere else from now on.  They had very similar pieces and paints and everything.  There is no studio fee so right off the bat you are saving up to $10 per person.  They also have glass fusing and mosaics you can do.  Timothy painted a fighter plane and I painted a bud vase for all the flowers I know he will pick this summer.

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