More Wedding Weekend Pics

Getting ready in the hotel.  It had 2 bathrooms.  One with the toilet and a sink.  The other with the shower and a sink and make-up mirror.  This is where I got ready so as not to encounter my groom too early.  I did my hair with lots of bobby pins and little screw-in crystal flowers from Claire’s.

Isn’t she an angel all in white from the Gap and on the down pillows and comforter?  She’s my angel even in dirty clothes and crying. 🙂

Or when she sleeps through the entire wedding ceremony.  Better than needing a bottle and a diaper change in the middle.

You know what this is.

These are the stair up into the Shakespeare Garden.

One comment

  1. Hi Julie! Congratulations!!! You look so pretty and Rebekah is such a doll (her head really IS perfect by the way!). I’m glad you had such nice weather for the ceremony. It looks like it was picturesque. I really enjoyed looking through your blogs- the project you made of Rebekah is so sweet. Here’s the link to my blog (its a quilting blog)

    Love you! Christine


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