the house on Clover St.

3458 Clover St. to be exact. the house my dad grew up in with his 2 brothers and 1 sister.  i have been waiting 30 years to see this house and it is actually up for sale!  no, i’m not buying it.  In five years I might though if I get the chance.  we went to the open house and it was incredible.   Sorry dad, your room is pink
remax listing click here


the house from the left side


the barn is huge!


they used to climb up the steps to the loft…then up the ladder to the platform and swing on the rope.  Yikes!


check out this cobblestone.


the front sun porch.  I can just picture my grandmother sitting here doing some needlepoint.  Anyone know if this is what she did out here?


apparently there once was a pool table in here.  i really didn’t know my dad played pool.


cute little office in the back of the house.  Who did what in here?


back porch – relatively new


living room, probably decorated in the same colors.  The door to the upstairs is on the far left near the lamp.


Upstairs hallway.  Stairs go down to the left.  Turn around an you will see…


This little 10×12 ? room was my uncle Bill’s.  I guess when you’re #4 you get what’s left.  His closet was the linen closet in the hallway.


next room along the hallway is Uncle Dan’s.


he shared this closet with…


Aunt Bonnie.


this was Grandma and Grandpa’s room.  What size bed did they have in here?


The last bedroom down the hall and around the corner.  My dad’s.  Sorry it’s pink now, dad.  Tidbit: under this lovely pink carpet there is a secret compartment in the floor where my dad used to keep his magazines of the sort I refuse to mention.  Wonder if anything is left in it…


Don’t forget the bathroom that all 6 people shared.  What color was this before?

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