over the river and through the woods…

…to grandmother’s house we go.  or went.  Earlier this week.  Shannon stayed with us to play with the kids.  She was great!  She brought bubbles, water balloons, coloring books, new crayons for Timothy, games, little animal toys to play with, she took the kids to the park, swam with one while I swam with the other, watched movies…I love you cuz!

Grandma and poppop took us to Sizerville Park to swim, play on the playground, and have a picnic lunch.

We played with Uncle Duffy’s dog too.

P8030003 P8030017

Grandma’s House with the new porch.                    Shannon and Rebekah blowing bubbles.

P8030033 P8030031

Sand box at the playground…                                 Monkey at the playground.

P8030050 P8030070

More playground; across the street from Grandma and Poppops.

P8040087 P8040082

At the pool at Sizerville Park near Emporium PA.


more bubbles.

During our trip Rebekah said: maa-ma (grandma), papa (poppop), moe-ney(balogna),

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