Open Hearts

I’m sure you have heard of Jane Seymour’s jewelry collection called Open Hearts.  Check out the website if you want.  I had totally forgotten, but I had entered a contest on her website in response to the idea of learning to keep your heart open to let love in.  Anyhow, I found out today that I won one of her sterling necklaces.  UPS brought it today.  Here is my entry.

“I met my kelly in 2001. I was engaged to marry his friend. Kelly was going through a tough divorce. His wife was the opposite of loving to him. We became quiet friends. We were always there to support each other even though we often just sat silently in the same room doing our own work. Time passed. I did not marry his friend but ended up marrying someone else. Kelly ans I spoke infrequently because my new husband was very controlling. Needless to say, my marriage did not work out. He was unloving. Kelly and I spoke more often but we had both become afraid to let love in. In 2006 he called me after almost a year of no contact. He said that he wanted me to be the center of his life. We had both learned how to protect our hearts. Now we took the chance to open our hearts to each other. We have never looked back. We are everything the other needs. We are each others hearts. We are always open to each other no matter what.

rochester, NY”

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