Timothy’s Star Wars Room

Ok, here are the pics finally.  This entire makeover cost less than $75.  Why do they cost so much on those decorating shows?  Stay tuned for Rebekah’s room.

 look out the space ship window and see Luke’s w-wing fighter.
new starry curtains.
pillow like the window of the millenium falcon
 under the bunk bed is a reading nook but look out for darth vader
bookshelves are R2-D2 and C-3PO
 bunk bed is an imperial walker
 another window looks out at the death star and vader’s tie defender
 close up of R2-D2 shelf
 dresser painted to match, still needs the hardware.
I was going to spray paint it but then it SNOWED out
 even got clone wars sheets at target
ewoks on the quilt


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