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I belong to a site called Swap-Bot that a lot of other crafty people use. It is a great site to get creative and send and receive mail. Of course not all swaps are physical mail, some are electronic, and even revolve around Blogs or Twitter. I have signed up for a couple of Blog following ones recently and thought I would share the partners I had with my blog readers so they could have a chance to visit these blogs as well!  If I missed yours please forgive me.  They were all great.  I was not uninterested in any of them.

Deidre’s Amazing Blog – By a Ceramic Artist
Thrify Crafting – tutorials and ways to craft frugally
Hanging Off the Wire – One moms daily journey
Stamp n’ Hug – Stamped greeting cards

The Musings of a Manic – Full of great music!
True Stories, Honest Lies – Fiction and other writings.
Jennifer Said…  – Lots of different kinds of posts
Observations and Such – As the title says
Vintage and Handmade Finds – Great photos and ideas!
Chrissy’s Swap Blog – Awesome seeing what people swap
Psychic Mama – Lots of different posts
Run Away Maggie May – Really enjoy the imagery and laid back feel of this one
P.S. Kampiscines – Another great Swap blog
All to be Galore – Great images and how to guides

Unique Euphoria – Etsy Blog!
Sweet Daisy Dreams – Life blog
This and That – Stitchwork and great imagery
Roadside Wonders – Wonderful images of fun roadside sites!
Dirty Girl Art Studio – With a title like this what’s not to love?!
Crafty Carrie – Craft Blog with some very cute plushies
Careless in the Care of God – Life Blog
The Craft Pad – Crafty fun!
Always Ariel – Random blog
Uncurable Bookworm – Great for readers!
SimpleScrappy – Crafty Blog
In the Next Room – Book Reviews and Mail
Folie of Life – Great Life blog!
Kaliedoscope Eyes – Full of some great looking art work and photography
Expressive World – Great photos of beautiful things
I don’t care if Monday’s Blue – Life Blog
Our Simply Crazy Life – Life Blog
Ms Lovender – Life as a teacher in Japan!
Watercolors – Wonderful Watercolors


  1. Hi! Have you commented on my blog already? Since I haven't seen your comment. But my commentsystem acts weird sometimes so it could be that. Just to know so I can rate you 🙂


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