Featured Esty Store: RJjewelry

I decided to start featuring Etsy stores that I like to encourage more traffic to their stores. Why? Because they deserve it. That’s why. Enjoy.

Me: Who is RJjewelry?
Julieta Rosado from somewhere in NY.

Me: What are your favorite materials?
Julieta: sea glass, silver, freshwater pearls, and bead wire.

Me: How long have you been making jewelry?
Julieta: I have been making jewelry for 6 years now.

Me: Why sea glass?
Julieta: because it’s rare and natural and looks beautiful.

Me: Where do you get your sea glass?
Julieta: I get my sea glass from different locations like Puerto Rico, Alaska, Scotland.

Me: What inspires you to create?
Julieta: Everything around me pretty much.

Check out her etsy shop: RJjewelry


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