Featured Etsy Store: Fiber Cafe Webster

Here is issue three of my featured Etsy store reviews. This week it is…

Me:Who is Fiber Cafe?
Jen: My mom and I started Fiber Cafe early last summer in Webster, NY. It’s a yarn store with a cafe and knitting lounge, but we also have a presence on Etsy.

Me: Why yarn?
Jen: My mom and I love to knit and want to offer options for others who love yarn arts too.

Me: What makes Fiber Cafe special?
Jen: We want to create a fun, friendly, laid back atmosphere for the beginner as well as the seasoned knitter and crocheter. We have also dedicated ourselves to the community by selling products by local artists. We offer fair trade coffee in the café, and fair trade products in the retail store. Fair Trade supports farmers and workers all over the world paying them fair prices for the products they offer. Many Fair Trade products are also organic.

Me: I understand you give back to the community. What do you do?
Jen: We have an ongoing project where people can donate handmade items to Webster’s Embracing Options and Hope House as well as other not for profit organizations in the Rochester and Greater Rochester communities.

Visit Jen and Michelle’s Etsy shop and see the selection of specialty yarns they have listed currently. It changes often so please check back.

One comment

  1. Hey Julie Happy Friday girl. I just got the stamp set and the inks in….UM I think I'm in LOVE with these colors I'm going to have to order the big ones from you asap. I need a catalog lol. 🙂 Have a great weekend.


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