Embrace Mini Album

I created this mini album for a challenge in January 2009. I don’t even remember where the challenge was from. I found the pictures on one of my husband’s thumb drives and so here it is. It represents all the things that I wanted to embrace in 2009. It was sort of my New Year’s resolutions in a book.

You can tell that I had gotten my Cricut for my birthday in November because I have diecuts from it throughout the book. Around the edge of the star I wrote each of the things I would embrace. “I will embrace my kids. I will embrace…”

Faith: I wanted to continue do grow in my faith. I was discovering where I belonged in God’s plan and where I was going. I was looking for a church home that felt right. I was trying to discover ways that I could show that faith in my daily life to my friends and my family.
“I will pray without ceasing.”

My kids: Speaking of family, I wanted to embrace my role as a mother to my 2 kids.
“I will embrace my relationship with my kids, and give them all I have to offer.”

My Soul Mate: Kelly, the love of my life, my everything. I wanted to embrace my role as a Proverbs 31 wife for him. I always desire to complete him.

Outdoors: I wanted my family to enjoy the outdoors together. I wanted to work together with the earth, to make our little bit of it beautiful and useful for our family.
“plant seeds, grow flowers, eat our own vegetables, cultivate.”

Travel: I love taking my kids to discover new places. I wanted to travel with my family to places that would inspire and fulfill us.
“travel, adventures, new discoveries. I will take my children to new destinations.”

Tomorrow: I will embrace the future and all it has to offer myself, my kids, my marriage, and others around me.
“Embrace the pieces of today, and tomorrow they will fit together.”

I wish I could remember where I found this quotation. I don’t think that I was clever enough to come up with it on my own.

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