Featured Etsy Store: Imaginaries

Imaginaries by Deb

I met Deb in the mall last week. She came into my part-time retail haunt to buy a little something and I noticed her fabulous necklace. “Thanks, I made it,” she said. Of course, I dug deeper. So today I am featuring her Etsy shop, Imaginaries, because I think they are so lovely.

Why is your business card for a dentist? I thought.
I am a full time dentist but I have always been a crafter at heart.

When did you start creating?
Since I was little I would use odds and ends to create little snowglobes. I draw, paint, sew, collage, make lampwork glass, pottery, PMC, make jewelry, scrapbook, make teeth…

Where has your art taken you?
I worked in a fine jewelry production company, and I have sold my things at craft shows, and in boutiques, but my Etsy shop is my first attempt cyberspace.

Where do you get your inspiration?
I love to remember how magical it was as a kid to read stories like Alice In Wonderland. I really believed that Gnomes were real. I want to recall that innocence in my work. I hope you like my things!

Deb, thanks for your beautiful work. Hopefully you will now be an inspiration to others. Keep up the wonderful work.
I have to finish off with my favorite…

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