Being Brave

Most people are excited for the new year on December 31 or during the first week of January. Today I am excited because yesterday began my 32nd year on God’s beautiful earth. What will I do with it? Well…

I need to refresh my list of goals I think. I need to add that I am working on some workshops to teach girls to value themselves as women. These will be mixed media classes designed for girls of different age groups. They will have certain elements that will help Girl Scouts earn badges. They will be for small groups of girls that already know each other and feel pretty comfortable together. I have been researching other similar endeavors and really like bravegirlsclub. Check it out. I am going to sign up for their online workshop Brave Girl Soul Book.

Brave Girls Club

I am going to call mine My Soul Book: an Anti-Depressant. I am also thinking about making a mini version called A Small Dose. I will be able to carry that around with me.

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