Kitchen re-do

Oh, I love yellow! It is as if the sun has actually risen IN my kitchen. It has been turtle shell green since we moved in and painted in February 2004; almost 8 years! I can’t even find a digital picture of the before so you will just have to imagine it.
Here is over my sink view. I also made the valances. Can’t tell here but they are yellowish, sage and red stripe. Lined with red velvet. They have little puckers in them. I wish I could remember the blog that had the directions. If I do, I will post it later.
All I have left to do is put in some remaining baseboard molding and fix the cupboard next to the dishwasher and it will be fabulous.
Here you can see the puckers in the valance over the table. You can see my stove on the right. It is old. Prbably been here almost as long as the house, but I LOVE it. It has a regular size oven on the right and a smaller one on the left. I can cook at 2 different temps at the same time. LOVE IT. The same thing today would cost a fortune!
Hope you enjoyed my kitchen as much as I do.

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