Quilts in Progress…Cruise Quilt

I have been sew busy in front of the sewing machine lately.  As you may know I do not even have my regular Viking at home right now.  I have been working on the featherweight that grandma gave me.  WOW!  That thing is tougher than you’d think! I have been working on 2 quilts and the plans for a third.
 Panama Canal Cruise Quilt

In October 2001, right after the world was shocked into a fear of terrorists and flying, my Grandma Betty took me on a cruise through the Panama Canal.  Her sight had been starting to bother her and she needed someone to go with her.  She asked me to go.  It was GREAT.  We rode on the Sun Princess cruise ship.  Wow.  Long story short, I picked up 3 beautiful panels with the intention of making them into a quilt.  Grandma had made one about her cruise to Alaska a few years before.  (She’s a cruise junkie!)

I had purchased coordinating fabrics not long after the trip that reminded me of the sea.  And then they waited for me.  They have been waiting for almost 11 years to be recreated into a quilt.  And now it’s almost done…

Timothy helped me figure out how to make the waves look real.  Thanks buddy!  He also did quite a bit of sewing for me.  He’s a pro now.  He will probably be designing his own quilts soon.  He even tries ironing and cutting but sewing is his favorite job.


  1. This photo of your little boy sewing is delightful!
    I so wish more people felt comfortable letting children – especially boys – use crafting tools. They learn so much about precision, creativity, patience and the pride of completion when doing this kind of 'grown up' craft.
    Well done, Timothy!

    Bénédicte (of reBabe Shop on Etsy.com)


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