Memory Monday: Our House

As you may know we have been going through the crazy process of moving.  Trying to find a house, dealing with unusual sellers, finding dead squirrels during the chimney inspection, having a house bought out from under us, buyers ready to move in, and we didn’t even have a house yet.  Well, we do now, at least I’m 95% sure we do.  As long as nothing else weird happens, we should be closing on the 18th (ish).  But that means I will be leaving my first house.  The first house that was mine.  My kids have been in this house as long as they can remember.  My sister even lived here with me for a few years ( that was FUN)!
I decided I wanted to create an album for us to remember our first house as a family.  I used a giant (11×14 I think) spiral bound watercolor notebook.  I wanted to have lots of space.  I hunted down any pictures that showcased any part of the house.  Here’s a peek at the cover and the first few (almost done) pages.  I painted the backgrounds of most of the pages with the actual paint I used on the walls.  I also included scraps of fabrics from curtains, chairs, and blankets we love.
Living room
 here you can see the old slipcover and new recovery job I did on the couch and one of the kids’ amazing train layouts.
What have you done to remember the places that you have lived?

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