"Bright Hope and Change" by Neide Ambrosio

Such a simple little thing.
We throw them in the recycling bin.
We throw them in the trash.
We want our 5 cents back when they are empty…

To most of us soda (also known as pop) cans just mean a caffiene kick or an alternate to coffee or tea.  To Neide Ambrosio of São Paolo, Brazil, they mean an outlet for a crocheting hobby and passion to recycle.  
Neide isn’t looking for the 5 cent deposit either.  She is looking for the tab on the top of the can.  You know, the ones we used to wear on necklaces in middle school?  
 (image from Nancy’s Gone Green)
Neide enjoys her walks on the beach in Rio de Janeiro collecting these treasures while keeping the busy area clean.  “I decided to use soda pops because Brazilian people consume a lot of canned drinks,” she says, “and in the beaches all over Brazil you can find many soda pops.”
What does she do with all that “trash”?  After learning to crochet from a friend in Rio, she decided to crochet together the soda can tabs into fashion accessories.  This is Neide’s colorful wristlet called “Bright Hope and Change.”
All of her handbags are fully lined and have a zipper closure.  They are beautifully made.  Upon first receiving mine I had to sit and marvel over the workmanship.  Sometimes I still do.  They are lovely inside and out.  She makes all sizes including cell phone cases…
Shoulder bags…
and even full size purses that measure approximately 10″ x 13″ x 3″
One of the best things about these bags, other than the obvious environmental impact, is that the aluminum is actually very light weight.  It looks like heavy metal but is very easy to carry an sturdy.
Neide’s collection can be found at NOVICA Live! along with other artisans from around the world.  It’s like shopping local in a global marketplace.

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