Stenciled Tabletop

Driving to work last week I spotted this little farmhouse style kitchen table.  One leg is slightly damaged but I can fix that!  I loaded it in my car and was on my way.  I remembered a stenciled table that I liked and went on an internet hunt to find it again… Here it is from Domestic Imperfection:

I didn’t have a stencil so again, I searched for one I might like on the web.  I found this:

{Sawdust & Embryos} offered a link to a wallpaper design that inspired her stencil

I printed this image full sized on a regular piece of cardstock.  (note: This did not work well because the cardstock gets wet and tears.  I found a transparency and traced it onto that.  Much better!)
I sanded the tabletop lightly just to take the finish off.  I then found the middle and began stenciling with a mix of Annie Sloan’s Old White and French Linen Chalk Paints.

The stencil has to go on in stages because you don’t want to smear your paint.  I did not stencil right to the edge because I wanted to bring out the design.  After the stencil was complete all over the top I lightly sanded the top to give it a worn look. 

I took it outside since it was almost 50 degrees yesterday.  (hard to believe since we are having a blizzard right now)  I used Annie Sloan’s Dark Wax on the top and buffed it.  Then (this is usually not the order of things) I applied clear wax.  Normally this would lift the dark wax, but in this case the dark wax has penetrated the wood like a liquid stain.  It might lift little off the painted areas but not much.

I painted the skirt and legs with Florence Chalk Paint then Graphite.  (notice they match Rebekah’s legs)  I sanded through the Graphite showing the Florence.  Then clear waxed those parts.  Now I just need to but screws for the legs!


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