Etsy Craft Party – Gift Bags & Raffle

 I work part time at a little shop in Macedon, NY called The Purple Painted Lady.   We primarily sell Chalk Paint(R) by Annie Sloan.  (If you don’t know about this you really have to check it out.)  We also paint furniture to sell in the shop an do custom pieces for customers.  Needless to say, we have several boxes of paint cans in the storage room.  “There must be something we can do with them,” we keep saying…  Goodie Bags!  Well, actually, Goodie Cans!  Aren’t they cool?  I punched holes in the sides and made twine handles.  Easy Peasy.

 Then I hung them in bunches on my garden stake thing right near the welcome table.  I think I may make some into planters or lights.  Stay tuned.

So, what did I put in the goodie cans…fancy pencils, a few postcards, and a few of my favorite things wrapped in brown paper, tied up with string.  (Thanks Mom, for all your help tying these up on a windy morning.)

My list of Etsy Favorites is quite extensive.  It has nearly 1000 items and over 150 shops.  I have not ordered from nearly all of them but I hope I can someday.  These men and women inspire me.  It’s not only their art and collections of beautiful things; it is also their success, their marketing, and their little special touches that inspire my life and art.

I sent messages to almost every one telling them about my party and inviting them to send their business cards to me so that I could share my favorites with my guests.  The response was amazing.  I thought it was my birthday the way envelopes kept arriving in my mailbox!  You can find all of these favorite shops on my Etsy Favorites list, but I want to share a few really special ones.

I DO love it all at ILoveItAll!!  I knew of Monika Wright from somewhere.  A publication by Stampington?  A swap?  Somewhere.  Then I won a giveaway almost 2 years ago.  I don’t even remember what blog it was on.  I received one of Monika’s Gratitude Journals.  I confess, I didn’t write in it everyday but I got better.  The pages are all sorts of papers, blank invoices, index cards, envelopes, shipping tags, etc.  That is what makes it so much fun to me.  You are never writing on the same type of paper for more than a few days at a time.  She has them available for just the second half of the year at a discount right now so you don’t have to start half way through a January – December 2014 journal.  Also, her 2015 journals will be available in October.  I will try to remind you all of that.

When Monika’s package arrived with her business cards I was in love all over again.  She included over 30 special business cards with a coupon code for my guests.  (Lucky you, I am passing it on…use the coupon code ILOVEIT and save 20% in her shop through June 31st.)  She signed each card with “thanks! Monika,” packaged each individually in tiny glassine envelopes, and sealed them with heart washi tape.  OMG!  Monika, I will be stealing your idea on that one!  How personal and special.  Don’t you just love it all?

Once I got over the wonderment of her business cards I found one of her Color Pop Mini Album Kits in Yellow.  She sent this (of her own accord) for me to giveaway in a raffle.  She didn’t even know I had planned a raffle!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Monika.  You are an inspiration and an encouragement to me, my art, and my business.

I was originally searching for some of that cool retro cloth covered wire you see on old lights when I came across Timothy Michael’s Vintage Wire & Supply Co.  I wanted (still do) to make a pendant light for above my kitchen sink, but the big box home stores don’t have anything like that.

When Timothy’s package arrived it was actually a box!  Big business cards?  I thought.  Inside I found his cool postcards to share featuring many colors of this cool cloth covered wire and 2 smaller boxes.  Each was about 6 x 6 sturdy cardboard with flip open lids.  (this was no dollar store cardboard)  Each had a nice business sticker on top similar to the tag in the photo above.  I was so excited!  The first box held 2 retro style bulbs (Edison Bulbs – Vintage Spiral Filament – T14 Tubular, in case you want the details) and a handwritten note from Timothy inviting me to keep one and use the other as a giveaway!

Then to box number 2.  Could it get any better?  Yes!  Inside I found red cloth covered wire, an antique style plug, a black light socket, and another handwritten note.  I’m still not sure where this will go but isn’t it beautiful?  Thank you Timothy!

When I finally put my ideas together for over the kitchen sink, I will be dropping Timothy Michael a line.

I don’t even remember why I was searching for feathers when I discovered Kim’s shop KIMONOSFeathers.  Whatever it was she has been a favorite ever since.  Who knew there were so many cool feathers?  I mean, naturally we think of either peacock feathers or those ones at the craft stores that I’m never sure are real or not.  How about some ostrich feathers?  Beautiful!

When I opened my package from Kim it contained individually packaged peacock feathers along with her business cards!  How fun! 

Everyone got there own peacock feather after I convinced my daughter that she only needed one.

Ok, you have to check this lady out.  TheGildedBee from Haber-Dashing, Fine Trims & Millinery Flowers.  How yummy is this?

TheGildedBee sent little bags for each guest filled with, well, haber dashery, flowers, butterflies, confetti, glassine envelopes, hearts, and look at the haber dashing sticker on the front!  Ready for this part?  I turn it over and find a coupon!  Use the coupon code happycrafting through June 31 to enjoy 15% your purchase.  Excuse me I have to go shopping now!

The Raffle Prize

1. Handmade Tool Carrier with birch handle by Timothy John, part of tidbits & scraps – these will be available in a variety of colors and finishes starting July 1st including limited ones with dividers and inserts ($25-$50)
2. Edison Bulb from Vintage Wire & Supplies Co.
3. Color Pop Mini Album Kit from ILoveItAll
4. Package of Feathers from Kim at KIMONOSFeathers
5. three mini albums from me at tidbits & scraps
6. Brandied Apple Jam from Sugar Crafters Sweets, a local jamerie (?)

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