Sold Out at 6x6x2014

I have been waiting forever (a month) to tell you about this.  Rochester Contemporary Art Center has a fundraiser every year called 6×6.  Artists from all over the globe can enter up to 6 pieces that are 6 inches by 6 inches for the show.  This year 2903 artists submitted a total of 6772 pieces.  You can view all artworks on their website.

They are hung anonymously and sold for $20 each. This year I actually got my act together and submitted 6 pieces (on the last day…good thing its close).  I couldn’t show them off yet because they are anonymous.  Today they announced the list of Sold Out artist’s names.  (drum roll)  I’m on it!  That’s right, ALL 6 of my pieces sold, and not to my family!  Here they are: numbers 5225-5230, simply titled Botanical 1-6.


I have to say a special thank you to the artist who inspired me to try this style and subject matter, Susan Black.  I highly encourage you to check out her site.  Her work is marvelous.  It is available in fabrics like this one from the Love More series at P & B.  I will be shopping there later today.

It is both simple and surprising.  In fact, it is also known worldwide.  Have you seen this in your local Starbucks recently?  That would also be a Susan Black mural (photo from her site).

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