Pallet Bird Houses

If you know me at all, you know that I am not precise in most crafty endeavors.  Therefore, be warned, all measurements are in inches-ish.  Meaning I do measure before I cut, but I do not have a table saw with a straight edge, if the last piece ends up an inch shorter or longer I just go with it, and when fitting a piece in as an afterthought I just measure in “about”s.  That being said…let’s make some bird houses.

Check pinterest for some bird house inspiration.  Here is mine from French Country Cottage.

I have always enjoyed these bird mansions.  I never knew that they are actually for a certain type of bird, Martins.  Apparently, Martins enjoy apartment style living. In a real Martin house each hole leads to its own section inside. This will not be happening in my bird house.  I know it would never fit together right. 

I surveyed my wood pile which is made almost entirely of broken down pallets and 2x2ish spacers that I get free at Lowe’s.  I do not have any plywood so I decided that I would make the sides out of  pallet boards. You will need:

8 pallet boards (about 3.5″ wide) cut to 20″
8 pallet boards (about 3.5″ wide) cut to 12″
4 spacers (2″x2″ or similar) cut to 14″ (or 4 times the width of your boards)
2 trinagles with a base of 12″-13″
2 pallet boards cut to fit between spacers, about 9″ CUT LATER
4 pallet boards (about 5″ wide) cut to 24″
a bunch of screws

Start by attaching a spacer to each end of 4 longer 3.5″ boards.  This will make one long wall.  Do the same for the second wall.  Once you have 2 long walls attach the shorter boards to the ends.  Hopefully you now have something that looks like a crate with no top or bottom

Now for the roof.  I admit I was a bit daunted by the roof at first.  Start by measuring the distance between the two spacers on the shorter wall.  Cut the last 2 boards slightly (1.8″) smaller than that.  It needs to fit between the spacers easily but not wiggle around much.  The attach  to your triangles as shown above.  These will sit on top of the short ends.

Next, place one of your wider boards on top of the triangles (lined up with the peak and hanging over the edges evenly).  Attach to triangles.  Line up next board under the first.  Do the same to the other side of the roof.  Remember to line up the top board with the top board on the other side, Not the peak of the triangle.

I know, there is something important missing.  This step may involve meeting your neighbors.  Mine is Tom, and he lives a few doors down.  His garage is full of furniture that he is refinishing so I knew he must have tools.  Besides, the other neighbors told me he does.  I got a tour of his garage/workshop, yard, and garden and finally left with a 1.5″ drill bit.  Thanks Tom.  I’ll have that back soon.

Stay tuned for the full reveal.  I have to go drill holes now.

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