Dining Room Tour

After a year and a half, my dining room is done and beautiful!  When we first moved in to this wallpapered house, one of the first things I tackled was the dining room walls. 

The main layer of paper came off beautifully so in no time I was left with just the underneath newsprint type paperiness.  This too came off fairly easily with some water and a scraper.  I did as high as I could reach and then quit.  This is what we lived with for the last year and a half!  I couldn’t decide what color to paint and so I just didn’t do anything to it.

Last week I had off of work.  All week!  My mom said, “which room are we going to do?”  “Dining Room!” we decided.  Monday we scraped the rest of the paper off.  Tuesday we scrubbed the glue-iness off and bought paint and tissue paper.

Wait!  What?  Tissue paper.  Seriously.  I knew I wanted a textured look.  We thought about a two tone or a glaze or a plaster, but in the end the tissue paper method was the easiest. I do not envy the homeowner who decides to try to take this off the walls!

Thursday we painted more.  Friday we recovered the chairs.

And we put everything back where it belongs.

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