Framing School Pictures: NOVICA Live Feature

Did you get you child’s school photos yet?  Aren’t they treasures?  Now you need a treasure to frame them with.  Here are some beauties from worldwide artisans from NOVICA Live.

Coconut Picture Frame, “Cinnamon Swirls”

“A handsome crackled finish suggests tree bark or tortoise shell. It is neither. Creating an elegant mosaic, Ketut Kartika discovers the intriguing textures of natural Balinese materials. He patiently applies cinnamon bark to coconut wood and adds a circular medallion with rings of bamboo. The resulting picture frame is original and beautiful”

Aluminum picture frame, ‘Mughal Memento’

“Evoking a cherished antique, this picture frame displays a favorite 4 by 6-inch photograph. Sameer and Sunil design the photo frame, which skilled artisans carry out. Handcrafted aluminum repoussé features flourishing flowers and woven textures.”

Brass picture frame, ‘Royal India Heritage’

“Lavish flowers and ornate medallions adorn an opulent picture frame that recalls ancient palaces. Working in repousse, skilled artisans create a design by Sameer and Sunil. Handcrafted brass repoussé surrounds a favorite 4 by 6-inch photograph with luxury.”

Marble mosaic photo frame, ‘Mountain Trail’

“Evoking the myriad brown tones of the winter sierra, this picture frame comes from Vidri Arte, Mexico. Artisans work in marble mosaic, patiently placing each stone by hand. The frame stands on wrought iron legs.”

Nickel and wood picture frame, ‘Serpentine’

“Wittaya (Thailand) designs a photo frame of dazzling beauty, where swirling serpentines fall from florid mosaics. The illusion is captivating and enhanced by nickel’s glistening texture. Carved of raintree wood, the photo frame features a glass pane for protection.”

I hope you enjoy these fabulous frames.  Your children’s school pictures with shine in any of them.  My fave?  ‘Serpitine’  Order yours at my NOVICA Live site.

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