Kids Corner Crafts – Crochet Bookmark

Lynn Miller is back with us here with her first edition of Kids Craft Corner.
 Guess what?  It’s not just for kids!


This simple bookmark is great for a first crochet project.  It is quick and easy.  This is a bookmark that you can use for yourself, make for friends, or give to a favorite teacher.  You will need a small amount of yarn so look around for a partial skein or small ball.  Choose a yarn that is ‘worsted weight’ and a size ‘H’ crochet hook.
Chain 8, turn and make a single crochet in the first chain from the hook.  Single crochet across, chain one, turn and continue working single crochets in those 7 stitches, back and forth until your book mark measures the size of a book or about 9 inches.
half double stitch
completes shell stitch
You can cut your yarn about 3 inches from your end and then weave the end into the back of your bookmark by using either a needle or your crochet hook.
weaving through
Cut two pieces of yarn 4 inches long and loop them through the center or 3rd stitch of your ‘shell’ Pull the loop part way through and then tuck the ends through the loop and pull snuggly.  You could embellish this with pony beads if you’d like. 🙂
looping through for the tassel


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