Dolls in My Future: Lynn Miller

As I made the soft sculptured dolls, the dream of making them look like people I knew took hold.  Maybe one of these dolls looks like someone YOU know.  I decided to go out on a limb and make a doll for my friend, Chris, who was retiring from teaching.  I thought about her clothes, hair, jewelry and overall style and came up with a doll that reminded me of Chris.  Now the test.  I met Chris for coffee at our favorite spot, handed her the gift bag, held my breath, and waited for her to open it.  Her first words?  “It’s me!”
Hooray!  I had one notch in my belt.
My daughter, Abby, who was working at a convent infirmary, asked for a Nun doll.  I had to think about that one for a long time.  What habit did this particular order wear?  How authentic did it have to look?  What if I did something very, very wrong in portraying this Nun?  I forged ahead after consulting the internet several times and finally took off.   Success?  You decide.
Now on to conquer other faces, a real challenge.  It’s easier to make a doll and then decide if it looks like someone you know!  So, as you can see, the journey continues.  My focus will be on sculpting as well as fine tuning those shoes!  I’ll let you know how I’m doing from time to time.
Lynn Miller’s dolls and other creations are available in her Etsy shop, Lynn’s Simply By Hand.

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