The Purple Painted Lady Festival & Musical Lamps

Two weeks ago we participated in The 7th Annual Purple Painted Lady Festival.  Wow!  This started off small (like 40 vendors) and this year climbed to 300!  I have participated for 4 years as tidbits & scraps, but for the last 2 years, we have been a part of the Salvage Monkeys trio with a good friend and fellow repurposer, Paul.  Our motto: “We rescue the discarded and make cool stuff.”  Here is some of the cool stuff David made for the sale.

He has continued creating some amazing, mostly musical, lamps. He has a stash of every lamp part he could need, and he is able to piece them together once he finds his inspiration. Here are two new ones each with its own song.

Did you have one of these Fisher Price Crazy Combo Horns as a kid? I did! David relived his childhood by figuring out how to use every piece in his kit to make this accent lamp. Perfect for a children’s room, nursery, or playroom. Use a low wattage bulb and it’s a soft night light for little ones. Wherever you put it it is certainly one of a kind.


He jumped from a toy horn to a more orchestral feature…the clarinet lamp. Don’t worry, no working instruments were harmed in the making of this lamp.  The clarinet was a great find at a local thrift store and even had its case.  David paired the sleek black and silver instrument with a square white lamp shade which makes a great statement.

Both of these lamps are currently available in the tidbits & scraps Etsy shop HERE.

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