A Tale of Two Pos

Once upon a time a very little girl traveled to visit her aunt in New Jersey.  It was her first sleepover without her mom and dad, so her aunt gave her a purple hippopotamus with a rattle in his tummy.

They traveled together to wonderful places such as New York City, Pittsburgh, Boston, and Maine. The little girl loved her Po, but over time he began to lose his fluffiness, his rattle became quieter, and he drooped slightly to the left when he sat.

The girl’s mom had an idea.  She ordered a new Po.  This way the 2 could take turns playing and traveling with the girl, and ten both would last longer. The little girl, however, was not fooled by the new Po.  She knew the difference.  She loved him for sure, but he often remained behind when the girl went off on adventures. Even though he was fully stuffed and had a bold rattle and did not droop, he soon became known as Sad Po.

As the girl grew, even Happy Po stayed behind more and more often. He shared stories of his adventures with Sad Po to try to cheer him up. It was nice to have a twin after all.

Happy Po was happy and spent most  of his days cuddled up on the bed with his friends and greeted the girl when she came home from school.  Sad Po still felt something was missing.  He wanted to travel like Happy Po used to.

One day he told the girl  and asked her if she would mind if he went on some adventures before he retired to be with Happy Po. The girl was delighted by his idea.  “Oh, you will have such fun!”  she exclaimed.  He got his passport and packed his backpack.  He told Happy Po he would see him soon.  The girl kissed him lovingly, packed him safely, and sent him off into the world.

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