Summer of Dolls: Joy Made It

Can you guess who the doll artist of the day is?  Joy!  She made it.  Or them.  Whichever.  Joy lives and works in Lancaster, PA with her 2 boys.  That explains the desire to make dolls!  Let’s start with the Pirate Doll just to be fair to her boys anyhow.

Me: Why dolls (other than the 2 boys thing)?
Joy: I love to craft and sew and have since I was a little girl. It first started with my Mom letting me pick out the pattern and fabric for my fancy Christmas dress. As I got older I became interested in quilting. But through the years I always loved to try something new and so I’ve had many “phases” – pottery, jewelry, floral, clothing, crochet, painting. But I’ve always come back to sewing.

I had to include this lovely Miss with the pink hair 
since her name is Abby like my sister.  Though her hair 
was never pink she did want to be a rock star when she grew up.

Love this hair style!

Thanks Joy!

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