Buyers & Sellers

I am a little depressed and annoyed today.  We have been looking at moving to a 
new house nearby for a few months, and we finally went forward with an offer this 
past Sunday with the expectation of a response my Monday evening.
Unfortunately, it was BINGO night so the sellers were, as a result, unable to speak 
to their lawyer.  Tuesday, the lady had a hair appointment, so that was no good either. 
Yesterday, we got a response.  Not a counter offer, as you might expect.  It was a list.  
That’s right, a list.  Of their new requests regarding the sale.  These included, among 
other things, a HIGHER asking price.
Higher by $8000.  Who does that?!  Who does that?
Ok, I’m calm.
Anyhow, you can see why we are so frustrated.  But here’s a laugh for us all…
One friend told us to counter with an even lower offer.
Another friend said to wait until the new asking price is actually listed and then 
just offer the original asking price.
Well, say a prayer, please, that Jehovah will put us where he wants us.

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