Retirement: Lynn Miller

You know her as my mom, but Lynn Miller is so much more than that; she is wife, sister, quilter, home decorator, daughter, Gams, “doctor, lawyer, Indian Chief.”  A Renaissance woman in every way.  I am delighted to have her commence her online presence here as a guest blogger.

Storm at Sea, Lynn Miller, Summer 2014
Newly retired, I have been working like crazy on all of those old projects that kept being put away unfinished. I completed a Storm at Sea quilt that was 3 years in the making. Not such a long time,but wait….I’m also near the end of a 12 year Double Wedding Ring project. With summers off, you’d think I could have been more productive; however, life happens and smaller projects take the place of those larger ones. That prom or wedding gown was definitely more important than the quilt! My mother, a fantastic quilter/teacher, gifted me with her unfinished projects when she was no longer able to quilt. I worked hard on those, wanting to gift her with finished quilts.
Lady Liberty Goes to Hawaii, Betty Morean & Lynn Miller, finished Summer 2014
Retirement is everything I expected and more. I knew there would be time for crafts, reading,
and new pursuits. What I didn’t realize was the wonderful connections with friends, time to
really talk and learn from one another. The time with my husband, children and grandchildren
has been a greater blessing that I could have imagined. Is it just the relaxed grandma-self or
have I become wise enough to enjoy all that is around me?
Baby Quilt for when my new Granddaughter arrives
Whatever the reasons, I will embrace them and move forward with bliss and gratitude. I won’t
list goals or bucket lists. I won’t concern myself with checking things off or making a difference
just yet. A friend told me to, ‘“Do nothing for the first year or you will end up filling your time as if you were working.” I’d wanted to work in a volunteer capacity at something so this advice
was hard to hear. I’ve been crocheting infant hats for a local hospital and will continue doing that.  After all, I’m at 200 and going strong.  The advice allows me to carefully choose
services and be able to give freely and openly.
100s of little infant hats
What’s next? More life!

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