Sakura Falling Reveal

I have shown you a few pictures of this quilt over time.  I started this probably 10-15 years ago.  I started with the Japanese family symbol blocks.  These are all done by machine applique with clear thread.  I did these on one of my many visits to Grandma’s house.
Next, about 5-10 years ago, I did the paper pieced kimono blocks.
I had been holding on to the pattern for quite a while.
 The mosaic blocks I did within the last few years.
I liked the white strips between the asian fabrics.
 We have been using my Grandma’s Cardinal in the Pines quilt which is mostly white.  I knew I wanted this quilt to have a mostly white background.  I did the last set of blocks as crazy blocks with only a few pieces of the Asian fabrics.
I bordered the whole with a white sparkly (clearance) fabric with a speckling of colorful bits.
I call it Sakura Falling because it always makes me think of the cherry blossoms (Sakura) in Japan.

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