Autumn Scarves: NOVICA Live Feature


100% Alpaca Scarf, ‘Andean Twilight’

“The colors of the firmament, when the sun finally bids day farewell, inspire the vibrant design of this alpaca scarf. Fernando Cano (Andes) creates vibrant patterns as he knits the scarf in shades of plum, orange, green and brown. Alpaca has been prized in the Andean region for centuries thanks to its warm and lightweight fleece.”

Alpaca Blend Scarf, ‘Silver Gift of Warmth’

“Fashion and tradition combine in an exquisite scarf by Isidoro C’cahuantico (Andes). Crafted of an alpaca blend in silvery gray, it adds elegance to the winter wardrobe. Lightweight alpaca is a luxurious fleece renowned for its warmth.”

Silk Batik Shawl, ‘Carnelian Mums’

“Colorful chrysanthemums cover a radiant shawl of orange silk. Working with traditional batik techniques, Yuni Kristina (Java) creates a wrap of graceful femininity.”
“My mother is my inspiration. She and I still design together, especially the floral and bird motifs that are typical in Pekalongan batik,” – Yuni

Cotton Scarf, ‘Orchid Fiesta’

“A creation by Andres Perez, this festive scarf is woven by hand on a traditional Guatemalan loom. Cotton strands in rich shades of rose, lilac, purple and orange are woven with spaces between the weft, or horizontal threads, for a loose and open weave that drapes beautifully. Its luscious fringe is knotted by hand.”

Silk and Wool Shawl, ‘Natural Radiance’

“The quiet shimmer of natural silk meets hand loomed textures in virgin wool for a shawl of extraordinary elegance. By Imtiyaz (India), the lovely wrap combines enticing colors to wear with everything.”

Cotton Blend Kente Cloth Scarf, ‘Koforidua Flower

“‘The women from Koforidua (Ghana) are renowned for their beauty, and are therefore regarded as the ‘flowers’ of the village. This kente scarf is designed in their honor,’ says designer Deborah Osei Boakye. According to tradition, each color has a meaning and pink symbolizes the feminine essence of life; yellow stands for wealth, preciousness, vitality and fertility.”

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